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Imre Potyó, Hungary

Most of the time, I discover nature on my own, often daydream, experiment, and wander a lot at night, mostly in the stream valleys of Börzsöny. I seek out novel subjects that I haven't seen before or have only partially encountered. I enjoy capturing close-ups with a wide-angle lens, bold perspectives, compositions, and macro photography. My passion is for nature photography and using my photos to tell stories and connect people with the natural world.

Imre is a scientific researcher who took up photography in 2007. He has received several awards, including Hungary's Nature Photographer of the Year in both 2018 and 2020 and he won the grand prize three times in the Magical Hungary competition. As an environmental scientist, his work centres on popular scientific activities and attitude formation. Working for Hungary's Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate, he also gives lectures, guided nature walks and photography tours.

Birdo Nature Conservation Association
Email: info(at)bird-o(dot)hu

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