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In order to facilitate the use of the website, the Birdo Bird Photographer of the Year Contest page uses an anonymous visit ID, which is called “cookies”. "Cookies" are small pieces of data that are temporarily transferred from your browser to your computer's hard drive when you visit the site, and are required to visit the site. The "cookies" that we use are not suitable for recognising the personal data of the visitor. The most commonly used internet browsers accept and allow the download and use of cookies by default, but it is up to you to refuse or disable them by changing your browser settings, and you can also delete cookies that are already stored on your computer. The “Help” menu point of browsers gives more information about using cookies. If data processing already starts when visiting the site, we as Data Controller inform you about the cookies requiring consent at the beginning of the first visit, and we ask for your consent. We do not use and do not permit cookies that allow third parties to collect data without your consent. The acceptance of cookies is not mandatory, however, we as Data Controller are not responsible if our website may not function as expected if cookies are not enabled. By accepting cookies, you can provide access to information about your use of the website. Through the analysis of statistics measured in Google Analytics, we can optimise the structure and the content of the page as needed, while ensuring the anonymity of users in all circumstances.

Cookies used on the website
Google cookies
You can learn more about Google's cookies here

NameDescription Expiry
1p_JARThis cookie collects website statistics and measures conversions according to the privacy notice. Anonymous1 month
HSIDTo store digitally signed and encrypted data of the ID belonging to the user’s Google Account and the most recent login time. This cookie can be used to prevent a number of attacks, such as attempts to steal the content of forms completed on websites. Anonymous2 years
NIDThis helps us to show you customised ads on Google according to the privacy notice. Anonymous 6 months
SIDCCSecurity cookie in order to protect the user's data according to the privacy notice of 3 months
SSIDIt is used to store Google maps data, according to the privacy notice. Anonymous2 years
CONSENTCookies required for Google maps, according to the privacy notice. Anonymous statistics.20 years

Drupal cookies

iw_mobile_menuNotes whether we show the mobile menu or the desktop view menu and whether the mobile menu is closed or open At the end of the session
drupal_test_cookieQueries if the cookies have already been enabled or not.At the end of the session

In brief:
You can enable, restrict or disable the use of cookies in your browser settings. Before changing the settings, please note that some websites can only provide the maximum user experience by using cookies and that the full functionality of the website can only be achieved if cookies remain enabled. For information about the most popular browsers and about handling cookies, see your browser's help and support menu.

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