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Terje Kolaas, Norway

Birdwatcher, photographer and guide

He has been interested in birds since he was 12 and has been photographing them since he was 13.
In addition to observing birds, photographing them and recording their sounds, he also teaches species identification courses at Nord University (
In 2011, he published and edited his first book with Christian Tiller, titled Transient Subjects - The Art of Bird Photography, which has become a staple book for bird photographers. Since then, several books illustrated with his photographs have been published, and his photographs have been featured alongside other artists' work in numerous other publications.
He has travelled to many countries in search of birds and other photographic subjects, including New Zealand, the United States, Morocco, Japan, the Falkland Islands, Namibia, Spain, Cuba, Costa Rica and Russia.
"I strive for versatility in my bird photography. It is important to me that my images are clean and balanced. I often strive for minimalism, trying to remove anything that is not interesting or adds no value.
The most important thing is the bird itself and its personality, nothing should distract attention from them unless it serves the composition. I like repetitive patterns, such as the outline of a second bird in the foreground or bokeh circles in the background. I appreciate symmetry and balance."

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