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About us

"Everyone likes birds" (Sir David Attenborough)

Who are we

The BIRDO Bird Photographer of the Year competition was created by three like-minded individuals in 2022.

The bird photography contest stemmed from the idea that the three of us are all passionate about birds, bird photography and nature conservation. It crystallized during a conversation all of a sudden: let’s launch a bird photography competition. With the Bird-o photo contest we aim to increase social awareness towards the importance of nature conservation. We are convinced that those who have the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature at least through photos - even if they are not active environmentalist - certainly would not destroy natural values. 
A number of dedicated partners support our work - birders, conservationists, professional photographers, experts - with their remarkable knowledge and credibility. We highly appreciate their contribution and aspire to make this annual award a pleasure for many.
We are planning in the long run and we hope that from the very first year, many will have their best bird photos assessed here to receive recognition for their work and put their creativity to good use in raising awareness on bird protection.

Doris Abdel Halim

Environmental protection always was and will be part of my work. I used to deal with environmental policy programs, eco-label, forestry subsidies, currently I am involved in the global fight against illegal timber trade, which is closely linked to climate change mitigation efforts. Nature conservation is also important to me in my private life, my family and I go on regular trips, and we teach our children to love and respect our natural environment.

Doris Abdel Halim
Andor Czeglédi

It is no coincidence that the company, I am CEO of, does have a corporate social responsibility program (CSR) and environment protection plays an important role in it. I care deeply and passionately for this matter. I couldn’t get bored of birds, whether I watch them live or in photos, they are completely enchanting.

Andor Czeglédi
 Zsuzsanna S. Takács

As a communications professional, I worked regularly on environmental issues, running an environmental blog for many years. I was really fascinated by the world of birds when I met the enthusiastic team of organisers behind the Tatai Wild Goose Festival. Their commitment to nature is exemplary for me.

Zsuzsanna S. Takács
Birdo Nature Conservation Association
Email: info(at)bird-o(dot)hu

Our mission