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Csaba Lóki, Hungary

"My passion for birds began in my childhood, and my photography attempts started when I was in elementary school. My grandfather played a big role in fostering my love for nature and wildlife. Hiking in the forest, feeding birds in winter, watching nature films, and reading various books and publications on the topic sparked a great interest in me. My fascination with bird species began with a male Golden Oriole. I was traveling in the front seat of a long-distance bus when the bird, flying out of the forest, narrowly missed ending up on the windshield. Witnessing this at such a close distance as a child triggered an irreversible obsession with bird species in me. Since then, I have been observing and identifying birds.

I have been seriously involved in bird and wildlife photography since 2005. During my nearly twenty-year career as a nature photographer, I have spent countless hours in various hides and tents, scouting for the desired species. My goal from the beginning has been to capture as many bird species as possible in the best possible quality. Every season offers opportunities for photography, but my favourite bird photography season is winter. I like a picture to be aesthetically pleasing, but I don't consider it a priority for it to be artistic or action-packed. A simple, yet detailed and well-composed shot of a rare or "difficult" species can also be difficult to replicate.

I am happy to support the work of the BirdLife Hungary and other organizations and editorial offices with my images. I believe it is important for the next generation to also respect birds and learn about species-specific methods of their protection."

Birdo Nature Conservation Association
Email: info(at)bird-o(dot)hu

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