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Ten categories

Better chances

Birdo extra

Anyone can be cheered up by seeing a bird in a completely unusual, funny situation. This could be an almost burlesque scene, a peculiar gesture, an impossible, almost unreal pose. These are moments when we attribute human emotions to birds. We await photos that capture rare, humorous situations that bring a smile to our faces.


Sets of photos demonstrating the outstanding efforts of volunteers or professionals to save a bird species or habitat are invited here. The project should be developed with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 images that are connected together by a theme along with a concise text that tells the story behind the images.


A special category reserved for young photographers under 21. Entrants may submit a portfolio of up to 10 images, that would fit with the categories outlined above. Judges will reward diversity in the first place!

Birds in their environment

The judges are looking for photos that highlight the natural or urban environment the birds live. The image could demonstrate the beauty of a place or the challenges birds face with due to habitat loss and degradation. It's important that both the bird and the habitat as major elements to be featured in the photo.

Birds in the air

This category is dedicated to what birds do best - fly. You may capture the dynamic and energetic nature of motion either with a frozen image or with creative blur techniques while at the same time ensuring to emphasize the bird as much as possible.

Birds behaviour

Images capturing the unique natural behavior of wild birds should be included in this category. Examples include birds feeding, courting, playing, fighting, preening or socializing.

Bird portrait

For this category we expect portraits revealing the nature and the most distinguishing features of a bird species. Judges will reward photos where the bird is the main element of the composition and stand out from the crowd.


All forms of creative approaches of the photo shooting and post processing are acceptable as long as it results in an artistic interpretation and offers a new perspective on the bird.


Open to photographers of all backgrounds and all levels - including professionals and amateurs -, who only have their images in JPEG format. Images of birdlife in any context are possible. The abundant variety makes this category so fascinating to all those interested in bird photography.


Images must depict details of the bird. The subject may be portrayed in a close-up shot or on a macro photo, however photographers need to express the details through the language of abstract, composition and form.

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