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Dr. Endre Sós, Hungary

"Since age nine, my love for animals, especially birds, has guided my journey. Starting with birdwatching and joining BirdLife Hungary, I later delved into the intricacies of animal physiology during high school. This passion led me to pursue veterinary studies, specializing in wild animals at the Veterinary University. From the first semester, I dedicated myself to the Budapest Zoo, collaborating with colleagues and the Hungarian Bird Rescue Foundation. Together, we've provided a second chance to over 30,000 rescued wild animals, emphasizing distressed birds, dear to my heart.”

Dr. Endre Sós, with a veterinary doctoral degree and extensive experience, has been a key figure in wildlife conservation. His roles include leadership positions in professional associations, contributions to international research groups, and serving as the director of conservation and animal health at Budapest Zoo since 2017. Additionally, he is an associate professor, contributing significantly to the field while being recognized as a distinguished member of various national and international professional organizations.

Birdo Nature Conservation Association
Email: info(at)bird-o(dot)hu

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