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Birdo Extra: Focusing on Humorous Images

Birdo Extra: Focusing on Humorous Images

Birdo provides photographers with a whopping ten categories to compete in! However, there are specific requirements for submissions within each category. The good news?  It's completely free to enter!

Youth category

As its name suggests, is for young people under the age of 21 by the closing date. There is no lower age limit, but parental consent is required for entrants under 14. A maximum of 10 images can be uploaded here. It is advisable to enter with a photo for which the original RAW or DNG file is available, as this must be submitted for shortlisted photos.

Thematic Categories

In the so-called traditional or adult categories, the original RAW or DNG file is also required. We have seven such categories, so those with a rich bird portfolio can enter up to 21 photos (3 per category). to ensure photos are comparable. For example, a photo of a beautiful pheasant feather should not compete with a kingfisher diving into water.


MadArt offers an opportunity for those who enjoy manipulating images, a challenge to see what new visual effects can be created from a single shot, and for those who also consider bird photography as an artistic creation.

Changing annually

This year's theme for Birdo Extra, as the title suggests, is humor. Humor can come from many sources! A funny little bird ruffling its feathers while bathing, an angry-looking lapwing running towards us, or a round-eyed owl's astonished gaze can put a smile on our faces. We aim to showcase many happy moments.

Open to Everyone

Don't be discouraged if you don't have an original RAW file. You can enter the Open category. Here, a large-size JPG is sufficient if the photo makes it to the second round. A total of 3 photos can be entered in this category.

Close to our hearts

We are confident that the Conservation category will see an increase in entries. We hope many will be inspired and start a bird conservation project documenting it with photos throughout.

Entries for this category can be in the form of a series, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 photos. What is the topic? The photos should present a cause that has been carried out to protect the habitat of birds or to save a bird species!


Photo - Csaba Tökölyi: Battle of Good and Evil /Birdo 2023 Bird Photographer of the Year - Bird Behavior category, 2nd round/

 May 03, 2024
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